An Unbiased Look at Showell

Trust Enablement Certified - Not Verified

What does Showell do?

Showell is a new way to manage sales content. It is one tool to manage, present, share, and track your sales content. With Showell you: Control Sales Content – all content is in one place and always up-to-date | Access Sales Content – with any device, in any location, even offline | Collaborate Sales Content – one tool for marketing, sales, distributors, and customers

Primary Use Cases: Managing, presenting, sharing and analyzing the sales content (and analyzing the shared content).

Primary Verticals: Machinery, Building materials, Medical Devices, Healthcare

Secondary Verticals: Logistics, Financial, Wholesale, Cosmetics

Primary Buyer: TBD

Average Customer Size By Revenue: TBD

Integrations:  Salesforce CRM

Top Choice For: Companies with revenue less than $10M annually.

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Company Response to Our Questions


More About the Business

Size of the current install base in number and value of licenses

Over 500 customers / 15.000+ users. Value of licenses is somewhere between $2-3M

What is the average headcount of companies buying your products?

In our Sales Led operations the average number of licenses is around 100 – the headcount would be more of course. In our Product Led operations the headcount doesn’t really matter.

What is the average revenue of companies buying your products?

In SL operations +100M€.  In PL it does not matter

Why Buy?

Why do customers buy from you?

Intuitive and easy to use product. The best price-feature combo for their needs.

When they go with a competitor, why do they make that choice?

In most such cases there are other systems in place that push the customer towards the competitor. Or then there are other personal/geographical reasons. Someone has used other product before in other company or so on.

What makes you different from the other solutions?

We are the only sales enablement vendor to offer Free version. You can start using Showell Free anytime. Later you can upgrade but you don’t have to. Also our Professional plan enables a lot more of visual tailoring that most of the competitors.

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

What is the business doing to improve DEIB in the organization, from front-line to executive table to board room?

All teams are multicultural and heterogenic. Teams get a lot of independence in creating psychological safety eg. organising events, training and such. We believe that each Showellian is a unique persona with own dreams, fears and skillsets – and are treated with dignity and respect.

Trust Enablement Analysis

Trust Enablement included Showell in its first ever State of Sales Enablement Content Insights Report which focused on providing a binary answer as to the level of reporting capabilities in its product.

Note: Q2 of 2022 we will be diving deeply into coaching broadly.  Read our take on the role of go-to-market and sales tools to learn more.

Trust Enablement CertifiedHow did Showell’s Free Product Do?

Showell’s Free product achieved a rating of “Level 2: Basic” based upon the index, meaning:

  • Can tie content usage to a specific account/deal/stage but no insights on impact.
  • Can easily identify what content is never being used in deals.

Trust Enablement Certified - Not VerifiedHow did Showell’s Paid Product Do?

Showell’s Free product achieved a rating of “Level 3: Informative” based upon the index, meaning:

  • Can tie content usage to a specific account/deal/stage and provide revenue attribution to its usage.
  • May be able to measure the impact of content on:
    • Deal stage velocity
    • Deal stage exit %
    • Overall Deal Velocity
    • Win Rate
  • Can identify what content is never being used in deals.

Customer Feedback

We have reached out to existing users of every product included on our site.  As we receive their feedback, confirm the accuracy of it, we will included it here.